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Visit any of our Wellcare Pharmacies to get your prescribed medication or to buy a range of products for your health & wellness.



Earning reward points is as easy as purchasing products (medication or items) in any of our Wellcare Pharmacies.



You can save by redeeming the accumulated reward points for purchases.

An innovative customer loyalty and engagement program offering exciting advantages.

To increase customer engagement, retention and customer lifetime value.
  • Purple Rewards is a flagship program from the joint partnership of Wellcare Pharmacies & Allevia Medical Center with a motto "Inspiring Better Health & Well-Being". The program is to empower loyal customers with a plethora of health & wellness packages.
  • As a Purplean member, you will begin a journey of a safe and healthy life, secured in the caring hands of our well-trained and professional healthcare team consisting of specialist doctors, nurses and pharmacists. The term Purplean had been coined to identify the MOST ELIGIBLE and MOST LOYAL customer to avail the best services to both facilities.
  • Available in partners store, customers can now experience a fully customized rewards program that works seamlessly across mobile, desktop and in store.

Benefits of Being Loyal

Engage customers with information they want to receive
  • SMS/Email notifications for refilling medications
  • FREE wellness check-up i.e. Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index at Allevia Medical Center
  • FREE medical advice from pharmacists regaring medication at any Wellcare Pharmacy
  • FREE medical advice or clarifications on medications that can be carried when travelling to and from Qatar
  • Enjoy, Earn and Redeem points on purchases at any Wellcare Pharmacies
  • Enjoy discounts at Allevia Medical Center through instant redemption of Purple Rewards points for medical and/or dental procedures
  • Notifications of seasonal offers & promotions
  • Updates on Health Related Studies

Purple Mechanics

Purple rewards is available to all valued clients of Wellcare Pharmacies
  • To avail, simply provide:
    • Name as per QID
    • Gender
    • QID/Passport
    • Email Address
    • Mobile No
  • Earn points during pharmacy inaugurations. Members can earn double or triple Purple Points on any of our newly opened pharmacies for a limited time.
  • Card Validity: Lifetime validity from the date of activation.
  • Points Expiry: Unused points will be removed after 36 months from first day of activation.

Points overview


Purple rewards is activated upon first (1st) purchase with a minimum amount of 10 QAR.

Pharmaceutical products

Earn 20 purple points, for every minimum purchase of 100 QAR on pharmaceutical products(medicines).

Non - Pharmaceutical products

Earn 40 purple points, for every minimum purchase of 100 QAR on non-pharmaceutical products.

Introductory Products

Earn points from introductory products, which will be informed through our SMS and Email campaigns.

Redemption Mechanics

Earn Purple Points and redeem it in all our Wellcare Pharmacies.
  • Check your purple points in any of our Wellcare Pharmacies, by providing the following:
    • QID
    • Mobile No
    • Membership No
  • Upon earning minimum of 100 purple points, you will be elligible to redeem items worth 10 Qatar Riyals (i.e 100 Purple Points = 10 QAR). You can either redeem it partially or fully in any of our Wellcare Pharmacies by providing the original QID.
  • Return or Exchange: Returned items will have its purple points reduced and the points will be adjusted according to the exchanged items.
  • If the value of the purchased item is more than the purple points, balance amount will be paid by the client using a valid payment method.
  • Redemption can only be made with the products available in the pharmacies.
  • Purple points cannot be exchanges for cash.